• Sugar and Starch & Sweetener production facilities are present almost everywhere. They are often highly streamlined and efficient, and Alfa Laval has together with these industries developed specialised products tailored to fit their requirements with a focus on separation and thermal products as well as process solutions.
    Agriculture processing

  • The worldwide thirst for commercial beverages continues to grow – soft drinks, juices, bottled waters, coffee, tea, beer, cider, wines, etc. Successful beverage production requires getting the most out of raw materials and maintaining desired end-product characteristics through safe, cost-effective and sustainable multi-stage processing. Alfa Laval supplies equipment, modules and complete processing lines configured to meet the specific requirements of individual beverage producers and breweries
    Beverage processing

  • Thinking ahead – Technical articles and white papers on hygienic equipment
    As a world leading supplier for hygienic equipment for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal and home care industries we know what equipment is needed to make your production successful. We know the applications you work with and can advise on what hygienic equipment you need to optimize your process, to increase yield, to maximize efficiency and we are also able to advise you on energy and water savings in your production facility. We’d like to share this knowledge with you.

  • near Newsletter – Sustainable performance
    Hygienic equipment for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal and home care industries.
    Today, sustainable development is high on all industries’ agenda. In Alfa Laval, we are committed to continuously improve our products and services to provide you with an opportunity to reduce your operation costs whilst improving environmental performance.
    To keep you updated on important sustainability issues and opportunities in your industry and processes, we are launching our near newsletter which will come out monthly with focus on: Energy savings, efficiency gains, water savings, process optimization, and more!