Flowserve offers customers an extensive range of design features and corrosion-resistant materials and materials application expertise. Our technology considers safety, reliability, environmental and life cycle solutions for the tough applications in chemical processing.

We introduced and pioneered chemical processing pumps and valves as far back as 75 years ago. Since then, we have created and implemented the industry’s important milestones, including:

The design of the first back pull-out pump, which was the forerunner of the ASME standard
The design of the industry’s first epoxy pump and fully PTFE-lined pump
The design of the reverse vane impeller, including infield clearance adjustments
The development of Alloy 20
The development of SealSentry seal chambers for optimizing seal life
The design of Valves for broad applications and pressures

Flowserve has earned an unequaled reputation for innovative chemical process pump, valve and seal systems technologies.

  • Your organic and inorganic basic processes are constantly running to create high volumes of output. As the partner who understands your life cycle needs, our experience, quick response centers and broad product range are there to help you get the job done while reducing downtime and exceeding expectations.

    Quality, reliability and minimal life-cycle costs
    Flowserve chemical process pumps are renowned for their reliability and reduced total lifecycle cost. They are adaptable to virtually every chemical service due to their extraordinary combination of materials and product configurations—and are designed to save you time and money.

    Easy access to responsive, high-quality aftermarket services
    Fast and efficient services and repairs are a key priority to your operations, so we’ve made them a key priority of ours. Regardless of the brand or design, inventory, change outs and upgrades are available across the globe to provide service wherever you need it. Our mechanical seal and systems technology options deliver added value to your entire application.

    Supporting safety and the environment
    Flowserve has pioneered important milestones in the chemical processing industry for nearly a century. We have mastered systems that can help you reduce power consumption and environmental risks, all which comply with the most stringent global product and environmental standards in ASME & ISO. It is our policy to continuously improve the reliability and safety of our solutions, putting safety first in all applications and processes.

  • Flowserve customers extend across a variety of processes, consumer products and materials—all of which create unique and complex challenges. Our global solutions and support teams meet the demand for maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.

    Flowserve improves your life cycle
    The market changes, energy costs fluctuate, and environmental factors continue to evolve. This creates new challenges for you every day. Flowserve helps your team to identify emerging issues and develop solutions that are energy-efficient, safe, and effective.

    Flowserve services and repairs ensure your success
    Maintaining your installation, start-up and sustainable schedules is vital to ensuring your plant produces as expected and stays on budget. Flowserve is positioned around the world to meet your product needs with the utmost dependability. Our local engineering & technology teams are on the ground or on-call to assist with a wide variety of services whenever and wherever you need them.

    Flowserve provides quality, reliability and minimal life-cycle costs
    Flowserve legacy chemical process pumps from product brands such as Durco, Durametallic, Byron Jackson and Valtek, are renowned for their reliability. They are used extensively and installed globally for virtually every chemical service due to their extraordinary combination of materials and features. These products have all been designed with safety and environmental concerns in mind, and adhere to both domestic and international standards.

  • Flowserve has been at the forefront of fuel technologies for more than 50 years. Our solutions often anticipate changes in the world of renewable chemicals and fuels.

    Satisfying needs with a variety of solutions
    Biomass technology offers a unique set of requirements and challenges, such as meeting corrosive duty, space limitations and cost effective designs for maintenance. Our products and solutions are specially engineered to tackle these challenges with the quality and dependability you’ve come to trust from Flowserve.

    Improving process efficiency
    Due to the sensitivity to feedstock prices, conventional biofuel technologies are pressured to improve conversion efficiencies, cost and sustainability. From design engineering for product improvements to asset management service solutions, Flowserve helps you improve reliability and efficiency.

    Meeting safety and environmental demands
    Flowserve engineers have the expertise to provide the safest, most cost-effective solutions for the very difficult and ever-evolving services found in the biofuels industry. We work hand-in-hand with your team to identify cost- and time- savings, and to meet stringent safety and environmental demands.

  • For the pharmaceutical industry, precision of measurement and purity of material are of the utmost importance. There is simply no margin for error with either.

    Equipment manufactured to deliver perfection
    We offer our pharmaceutical customers an extensive range of products and corrosion-resistant materials — both metallic and nonmetallic. We understand the need for versatility and have engineered solutions that are adaptable to virtually every chemical service without sacrificing reliability.

    Flowserve expertise delivers safety and cost-efficiency
    Flowserve engineers have the materials application expertise to provide the safest, most cost-effective solutions for the very difficult services found in pharmaceutical chemical processing. We work hand-in-hand with your plant leaders to identify cost- and time-savings, and to meet stringent safety demands.