Regardless of application, Flowserve can provide the solution. Whether your main concern is weathering corrosive and other exceptionally tough conditions, or ensuring consistent and precise output, Flowserve has solutions to handle the demands of your industry. We’re a one-stop shop. We can equip your plant with products and deliver service offerings ranging from front-end project engineering support to reliable and responsive maintenance and repair that minimizes unexpected downtime. All the while, we’re helping to maintain the safety of your people and the integrity of the surrounding environment.

  • FoodBeverage
    In the food & beverage business, time is of the essence. Flowserve solutions enable you to get the job done quickly and stay up and running.
    Flowserve helps you go from fast to faster
    From products to configuration, Flowserve solutions for the Food & Beverage industry are engineered for optimum efficiency. Which means they perform with plenty of haste, but with little to no wasted effort. This is important across the board, and particularly important for seasonal, crop-based operations.
    Flowserve keeps you running from season to season
    Flowserve products are also proven to last… and last…and last. Their built-in reliability means they routinely exceed even the most rigorous expectations for long life. This is an important quality, as they feed the systems and inputs that serve the cooking side of the process. We know your plant depends on us, and we won’t let you down. That’s why our engineers are there to help with your day-to-day operations, and keep you going at peak times.
    Flowserve keeps operations clean
    Our engineering experts have developed seals that stand up to sanitary standards with food-grade rubber and non-porous metals. Solutions meet USDA and 3A requirements to ensure operational quality.

  • PulpPaper
    In pulp and paper production, Flowserve solutions are there for every step of the process.
    Flowserve is a single resource for all pulp & paper needs
    The product portfolio at Flowserve was built with a wide variety of configurations to support the varying needs of our customers. These needs go beyond the production requirements and involve environmental and safety standards as well. We understand the regulations you face and have engineered solutions to keep you from any environmental infractions that might come your way.
    High quality is standard at Flowserve
    Flowserve equipment is compatible with high alloy materials of construction and suitable elastomers and is engineered to help you increase uptime by working continuously with corrosive fluids and erosive solids at high pressures and temperatures. We’re unique among manufacturers in that we supply and support control, on/off and manual valves in addition to a full range of pumps, automation and boiler house equipment. In fact, the very first NAF valves were developed in collaboration with pulp and paper customers in 1899.
    Maximizing efficiency is a continuous goal
    It’s a fact that pulp mills utilizing Flowserve products operate more efficiently by conserving more energy. That’s because our seals are designed to provide an efficient conservation of water, even in those applications plagued by dewatering. Our pumps ensure a continuous process flow with a steady stream that ensures paper continuity.
    Equally important is our commitment to technological innovation. Flowserve’s PMV D3 Positioner with Wireless Communication represents a breakthrough in communications technology, improving operational efficiency by allowing communication to, and monitoring of, process control / sensor equipment wherever it is sited. Combined with our ValveSight advanced predictive plant diagnostics system, this technology enables you to make informed decisions on how to operate more efficiently.

  • Mining
    We get it. Mining throws a lot at you – all of the time. It’s abrasive, punishing, and has little regard for schedules. You, on the other hand, are doing all you can to keep operations running efficiently and safely. For that, you need equipment and services that stand up to any challenge.
    Flowserve meets the extraordinary uptime challenges of mining
    Because mines are located all over the world, often in obscure and hard-to-reach places, our local Quick Response Centers (QRCs) are located where you are. And because the abrasive nature of mining often results in reduced lifespans for pump and seal parts, our QRCs are amply stocked with replacement parts. This ensures we have what’s needed to service your mine and get you back up and running within hours. In fact, our long and distinguished industry record logs less uptime loss than our competitors.
    Flowserve goes beyond the mine, to the mining town
    For the towns and communities that spring up around a mine, Flowserve solutions support the entire ecosystem from water management to sewage. Every day we engineer solutions to support environmental standards, resulting in low impact to the local area.
    Safety first and foremost—-for your employees and the environment
    Flowserve engineers its products and services to ensure that everyone at the mine—and the environment around it — is safe and secure. In fact, our safety record is second to none.

  • SteelPrimaryMetals
    Steel Mill applications can be tough and hazardous. Flowserve can provide the products and support to keep your plant running strong and minimize your safety and maintenance concerns.
    The Flowserve product portfolio ensures maximum compatibility
    You need to know, regardless of what and how much you’re pumping, and if there are solids involved, that the pumping systems you’re deploying present no compatibility issues with the chemicals you’re moving. With the industry’s most complete flow control portfolio, Flowserve has a pump compatible with your specific needs. Guaranteed.
    With Flowserve, safety is first and foremost
    Moving chemicals in the Steel Mill is dangerous work. That’s why Flowserve seals are engineered to prevent leaks that could cause safety hazards. In fact, we have some of the best safety ratings in the industry.
    More uptime gives you more focus time on the day-to-day
    If you’re concerned about low maintenance and maximum uptime (of course, you are), be assured that Flowserve pumps are engineered for easy set up and exceptionally long life. And when they do need service, our global network of local QRCs can provide fast maintenance for minimized downtime.

  • Other
    Regardless of your industry, you have everyday pain points that need to be addressed–and remedied.
    That’s where Flowserve comes in. Whether its paint, water, gas, chemicals or liquid fertilizer you’ve got to move, we’ve got solutions to do it. Efficiently. Economically. And safely.
    What’s more, we’ve got a world-class service and support team ready to jump right in whenever and wherever you need them.

  • CornWetMillingEthanol
    In the corn wet milling & ethanol industry, you face unique challenges. Flowserve has spent decades creating unique offerings to help you get the most out of your operations.
    Flowserve helps you cut costs
    For decades, Flowserve has helped its customers manage their challenges, and protect their margins, with cutting-edge seals and sealing system technologies.
    Consider costs. You need to reduce them at every turn. Flowserve sealing systems can provide you with significant savings resulting from:
    Reduced maintenance due to ease of installation, long, trouble-free product life, design reparability and a low-cost repair program
    Reduced product losses
    Lower power requirements
    Reduced downtime by increasing mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM)
    Beyond our everyday offerings, we provide “Lifecycle Advantage” partnerships. Our engineers pay ongoing attention to the workings of your plant to reduce the amount of maintenance needed – managing everything from installation to maintenance.
    Flowserve gets the job done with less
    A corollary to cost-savings is the ability to get the job done with the least amount of wasted time and effort. That’s called efficiency, and it’s a watchword at Flowserve. For starters, our products are engineered for optimum efficiency. And that’s exactly how they perform, even under the abrasive conditions of corn milling. When they need repair, our global network of local QRCs is there in a heartbeat with the necessary parts.
    Safety is our top priority
    Another Flowserve watchword is safety. Even though your products are not toxic, leaks can be hazardous to workers. Flowserve double seals are there to ensure that there are no leaks, providing your plant and workers with the care they deserve.