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    Ideal for the dairy, food and beverage industries, this cost-effective dual-stage inline powder dissolution unit quickly mixes and pumps wet and dry ingredients into a homogeneous blend


    The Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer is a patented hygienic mobile unit that uses a single standard motor to disperse powders into liquids quickly and efficiently, and to pump the combined solution. By combining pump and powder dissolving technologies, this versatile, easy-to-use mixer produces homogeneous products at high productivity while delivering significant energy savings.

    Designed for batch production, it is the only inline powder mixer with a single motor drive that is able to disperse solids into liquids uniformly while simultaneously pumping the process liquid at pressures of up to 5 bar. It is an excellent choice for use in a wide variety of dairy, food and beverage powder mixing applications, such as dissolving stabilizers like pectin and xanthan gum and emulsifiers in the percentages required for most applications. It is also capable of producing recombined milk with more than 50% dry matter.

    In addition, when used in combination with an Alfa Laval Rotary jet mixer, the Hybrid Powder Mixer may also be used as part of an efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP) system.


    Energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions are two key advantages of the Hybrid Powder Mixer. Comparable mixing systems require up to four separate electric motor drives. When used in combination with the Rotary jet mixer, the Hybrid Powder Mixer only requires one motor. This significantly reduces the energy consumption.


    Thanks to it’s efficient suction, the Hybrid Powder Mixer outperforms comparable powder mixers, by dissolving solids in liquids at a much higher rate.

    The Hybrid Powder Mixer effectively pre-blends the powder and liquidbefore the mixture enters the high-shear stage, which contributes to faster and more effective dissolution. While other inline powder mixers creates mechanical shear in a small area, the Hybrid Powder Mixer creates high dynamic shear in different steps, which requires less energy to ensure complete dissolution of the powder without destroying the product (gentle mixing).


    Compared to conventional powder dissolving systems, the Hybrid Powder Mixer reduces the total cost of ownership by:

    • Reducing installation costs. Combining pumping and powder mixing functions into a single unit ensures that all components work seamlessly. No need to install and commission separate equipment.
    • Enabling additional equipment, such as valves, heat exchanger and nozzles, to be installed after the Hybrid Powder Mixer without installation of an additional pump, even if the equipment causes a drop in pressure.
    • Cutting operating costs. When used in combination with the Rotary Jet Mixer, a single electrical motor supplies the power required to mix the powder with liquid as well as to handle mixing in the tank. This provides significant energy savings.
    • Raising hygienic standards. Due to fewer components, the Hybrid Powder Mixer provides a safe and hygienic process environment, which reduces the risk of product contamination and contributes to more production uptime.
    • Reducing maintenance costs. Servicing the Hybrid Powder Mixer is simplified due to fewer components that require maintenance.


    The Hybrid Powder Mixer is comprised of a two-stage pump with one rotor-stator stage and one pump stage fitted with a motor with a frequency converter. A funnel is used for introduction of powder through an injector system. The construction is mounted on a stainless steel frame.


    The two-stage inline Hybrid Powder Mixer is installed in a circulation loop connected to an existing batch tank. This user-friendly mobile unit has a built-in table to facilitate handling heavy bags of powder. The table easily slides into position for convenient placement of the bags during mixing and also functions as a lid to cover the funnel when it is not in use. Operation is easy because the operator only needs to control one valve during mixing. Cleaning-in-place is just as easy.

    Stage 1

    After adding liquid ingredients to the tank, the Hybrid Powder Mixer circulates the liquid over the tank. To provide additional high-efficiency mixing in tanks with volumes larger than 1 – 2 m³, it is recommended to install the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer in the tank.

    After powder is added in the funnel, the valve under the funnel is opened. This is the only valve that the operator must control during mixing. The injector positioned under the valve then creates an under pressure in the funnel outlet, drawing the powder into the rotor-stator and blending the powder and liquid into a homogeneous mixture.

    Stage 2

    An impeller pumps the powder-liquid mixture back to the tank while part of the powder-liquid mixture is sent through the injector back to Stage 1.

    The liquid flow in the injector creates the under pressure in the funnel outlet, which enables the dynamic suction of the powder into the liquid.


    After mixing is complete, the Hybrid Powder Mixer may be used as a discharge pump or, when used with the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer, as a CIP pump to clean the tank interior.

    Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer

    Installing the Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer in combination with a Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer dramatically reduces energy consumption and investment costs for the complete system.

    Other powder mixers

    Other powder and tank mixing solutions require up to four electric drives, due to extra boost pumps and additional mixing equipment.

  • Instruction Manual – Hybrid Powder Mixer

    PD Sheet – Hybrid Powder Mixer M15 – EN (414.38 kb)




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