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    Ideal for mixing, dosing, level regulation or batch tasks, the Weighing systems UltraPure offers enhanced control, increased reliability and greater precision for non-impact measurement of tank contents in sanitary and biopharm processes


    The Alfa Laval weighing system UltraPure is a comprehensive solution for hygienic process weighing and measurement of liquid level, mix ratios, dosage or batching.

    With its patented technology, making mounting kits unnecessary, quick and easy set-up is utilized, enabling a faster and more cost effective installation process. No need for mounting kits and a complete laser welded construction makes the weighing system an ideal choice where the production environment is hosed down on a daily basis.


    Weighing accuracy depends largely on the selection of a top-quality load cell for your weighing system installation. Alfa Laval provides you with three standard accuracy ranges – 2%, 0,1% and 0.05% – that cover a total measurement range from 0 to 32,000 kg.


    The Alfa Laval shockproof digital load cells are based on a patented capacitive measurement principle where a non-contact capacitive sensor is mounted inside the load cell body.

    Each weighing system consists of: Several load cells, including load cell modules, an electronic output module, which can be either analogue or digital and control modules for the load cells and cable. To ensure robust and reliable connection between the tank and the load cells, Alfa Laval offers an additional range of tank legs that fits to the load cells.

    When a load is applied, a portion of the load is transmitted to each load cell, which sends an electrical signal proportional to the load sensed to the control module. The control module converts the signals to an accurate weight reading.


    Because the capacitive sensor is not in contact with the load cell body, the load cells are largely unaffected by overloads, side loads, shocks and welding voltages. Therefore straightforward mechanical load cell installation is possible. This eliminates the expense of complicated mounting kits and overload protection devices.


    A standard RG 58 coaxial cable up to 50 meters in length is all that is required to install the Weighing system. A patented Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) directly converts, compensates and calibrates the signal from the non-contact capacitive sensor. Calibration of the digital load cells is independent of the load cell cable length.

  • Instruction manual for 5024 Weighing Terminal – EN

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